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Infrared Forehead Temporal Thermometer


  • LATEST TEMPORAL ARTERY THERMOMETER: Temperature is taken by gently placing the thermometer on the forehead while it measures the balance between the tissues warming from arterial blood and tissues cooling from the environment. This unique design allows you to take the temperature of the skin surface over the temporal artery and uses advanced infrared technology to do so.
  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: Temperatures are read through infrared technology to provide accurate temperature readings. The thermometer first scans and captures naturally emitted infrared heat, then measures the ambient temperature of the site where the temperature is being taken. Arterial heat balance software then synthesizes these readings to determine body temperature.
  • COLOR CODED BACKLIGHT: Large LCD screen , 3 color backlight and 10 Results memory
  • DUAL MODE: Person/Object mode, Measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. FEVER ALARM in case of excess temperature and RED color LCD backlight will show. Object mode suitable for measuring temperature of baby bottles with milk.


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