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Laundry Basket


  • IDEAL for family use in the Laundry Room, Bedroom or Bathroom
  • THIS LAUNDRY BASKET comes in large Size, which gives you more space for storing multiple items like clothes, toys, groceries, kitchen and bathing accessories
  • This LAUNDRY BASKET also comes with Lid for for protecting your articles from dust. Easily portable cross ventilating body keeps your items free module formation.
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY gives you extra large space to store your products. And this is made from tough plastic which provides immense strength to the product.



1 It's large space gives you enough space to hold all your dirty clothes at one place only.

2 It is made from tough Plastic which makes this product long lasting.

3 The price and the quality we are offering is very hard to get in the market.

4 Lastly, This product is covered under warranty of 6 months which defines its quality.


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