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Running / Jogging gym Arm Band for all Mobiles up to 5.7 Inch


  • Stylish, durable and adjustable armband
  • Ideal for holding mobile phone while running, jogging, walking, cycling etc
  • Gives easy access to your mobile phone, you can use the touch screen while the phone is inside the arm belt
  • Safety assured, your costly phone will be safe inside this cover from dust, dirt, sweat and accidental falls
  • It fits one and all - men, women, kids, small arms or large arms - this arm belt will fit very well, thanks to high quality velcro



Product: Arm belt / Armband ideal for jogging, sports, gym, running and other physical activities.

Color: Black

A functional and stylish arm belt

Perfect companion for your mobile while running, jogging, cycling or working out
Do you love listening to music while running, jogging, cycling or working out? Can't live without your fitness app? Now carry around your mobile with ease, while you are performing the above tasks!
This arm band protects and holds your mobile phone firmly, while you are indulged in physical activities! Design and functionality - you'll get both in this product by Aaveejay.

Elastic, durable and safe
We know you love your smartphone. We know that you can't live without it. Rest assured, your costly smartphone will be safe inside this arm band.
The arm belt is made of high quality elastic material. It is well built, durable and safe.

Style and substance
The stylish design adds to the flair of this product. Now go out jogging, cycling or running in style!

Protects your mobile
This arm band protects your smartphone from dust, dirt, scratches and sweat. It has a reflective band, ensuring your safety while running, jogging or cycling at night.

Comfortable and lightweight
The arm belt is light in weight. It is comfortable to wear. Men, women, kids - any one can wear and take it off with ease! The product is elastic in nature - can twist and bend, without getting damaged!

Compatible with wide range of mobile phones
This arm belt can accommodate devices with screen size up to 5.7 inch - Samsung Note 2 & 3, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, Sony, Intex, LG, Microsoft and more!

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